Sunday, May 20, 2012


Whitley's I-pod has gone missing from the Dietrich recital on Saturday...does anyone remember seeing it??
Please call Brook ASAP if you saw it or might know where it is!! Anyone that could go to the school and look please do!!!
Thanks for the help!!

Friday, May 18, 2012



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recital Line Up

Ok ladies it is that time again!!!

May 17th 2012 - Long dance practice - Tiny tots from 3:15 to 4:00 then Jr. and Sr. Teams from 4:00 until 6:00.


Line up is as follows

Tiny Tots - Boots - pink outfit with tan tights and tap shoes
Guest Dancer - Briar Farfan
Jr. Team - Hip Hop
Sr. Team - Safe N Sound
Tiny Tots - Funky Town
Guest Dancer - Squirrel Searle
Guest Dancers - Christiansen Kids
Guest Dancer - Taysom Jensen
Jr. Team - Perfect 2
Sr. Team - Rumor Has It
Guest Dancers - VANZ
Tiny Tots - Monster
Guest Dancer - Tessa Geary
Jr. Team - Itsy Bitsy Spider
Guest Dancer - Whitley Jensen
Sr. Team - Hip hop
Guest Dancers - Tears of an Angel
Tiny Tots - Princesses

I want all dancers to wear all costumes at dress rehearsal! They need to practice changing fast and getting lined up

Hair for Recital for Tiny Tots is Down in curls and bangs braided across the top.
Jr. and Sr. Teams I want bangs braided across the top and hair slicked back in a low STRAIGHT pony tail.

All dancers need to have all past and May fees paid prior to recital!!! Dancers with unpaid balances will NOT perform

Also if there are any dancers interested in attending Dance Camp in Oakley the 2nd week in July let me know and I can share the details!!
I am sooo proud of you all and I am looking forward to the BEST SHOW EVER!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Recital is sooo close!!

Picture day went great!! All the girls looked so beautiful!! What a wonderful group of girls we have this year!!
Don't forget Recital is coming up fast!! Rehearsal is May 17th!! Recital is the 19th at 6:00!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Showcase and Update

April 7th - Showcase at Minico HS for all dancers!! Every class will perform all routines!!
Be at Minico HS at 9:40am sharp - READY TO GO!!
I should have a program soon with the order of performances! We will do tiny tots hair in curls and ALL other dancers in braided back bangs with hair slicked back into a low pony tail - NO extra ribbons or bows PLEASE!!

April 23rd - Dance Pictures
Tiny Tots in blue dresses at 3:30
All other dancers at 4:00 in America Costumes

May 14th - No Dance
May 17th - Long Rehearsal
May 21st - Recital at 6:00p.m.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March and April Update!!

Tiny Tots - Parents are welcome to come up and watch practice on March 5th!!

March 19th NO DANCE - this is Dietrich's spring break week.

March 26th - WE WILL HAVE DANCE - yes we know this is Shoshone and Richfield's spring break week!

April 7th SHOWCASE!!! at Minico!! Brook is paying for ALL girls to participate in this showcase!! The girls will perform all their dances!! Going to be soo fun!! THANK YOU MISS HOTTIE!! YOU ROCK!!
More info on this Showcase coming soon!!

April 23rd - PICTURE DAY!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Showcase Pictures!!

All the girls at Showcase did such a wonderful job!! Congrats girls you were all beautiful!!
And a BIG Thank You to Brook for teaching all our girls and giving them the opportunity to dance at such wonderful programs!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


First of all the Performances on Friday in Shoshone were AMAZING!!! Great job girls and MOMS!!!

Jan. 27th -Richfield- 7:00 Tiny Tots will perform Funkytown!! Hair in an Afro, Pink outfit, tan tights and ballet shoes!
Jr. Team will perform Itsy Bitsy Spider! Black dress, red tights + bring extra pair of red tights to wear on arms! (I will help with this!) Hair in 8 braided ponies to look like spider legs!!
NO SR. TEAM THIS NIGHT. They will have 2 performances the next day at Showcase!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Schedule!!

January 9th - Long practice for jr. and sr. teams. Regular class for Tiny Tots have them bring their Monster Costumes!!
Jr. Team will meet at 4:15 - boys will come the first 30 minutes then we will work on Jazz until 5:15, then Sr. team will join in for America Production practice until 5:30.
Sr. Team will practice from 5:30 to 6:45 on Hip Hop and Jazz.
All PARENTS AND DANCERS at 5:30 we will run through Flashmob, please come and join us! The more the merrier!! encourage your friends and family to join in!!! Teach everyone you know!! The practice video is on our facebook page!! Thanks Melissa!
Moms your kids will freak out when they see you!! It will be soo fun!
January 13th - Shoshone JV boys Basketball game 6:00 - Tiny Tots - Monsters Then FlashMob!! MAKE SURE TO KICK OFF YOUR SHOES!!! NO SHOES ON THE GYM FLOOR!!!!
Varsity game - 7:30ish - Jr. Sr. Teams America - hair slicked back into a low straight ponytail - bangs can be braided across the top and pulled back.
Regular Class January 23rd and 30th.
SHOWCASE - January 28th CSI auditorium. Showcase starts at 2:00 BE THERE BY 1:40!!!
Tiny Tots will perform Monsters
Sr. Team will perform Transform Gravity Hip Hop
Jr. and Sr. Teams will perform AMERICA
Same hair and make up as for Shoshone Performances - DON'T FORGET YOUR FLAGS!!
NO GLITTER is allowed in the auditorium. This is the showcase you paid the $5 for, there are still a few of you that need to get that fee into me - please do that ASAP!
**** I had mentioned doing the Rupert Showcase - unfortunately this is the same weekend as Girls state basketball- so we will not go to that showcase - BUT - Jerome hosts one in March!! I will let you know, I think it sounds great and we can take ALL our routines!!
Lastly - Jr. Team - BOYS will only attend class on the 2nd and 4th week - we will continue to refresh and add to the Hip Hop routine - but the girls are working on ballet and jazz and we need a few full class hours! :)
Keep up the good work and don't forget to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates and Info!

We are doing a Team routine this year with Jr. and Sr. Classes - Each girl will need to start bringing a small american flag on a stick - Jr. team will need the mini flags and Sr. team will need medium sized ones.
December 10th - 5:00pm SHARP!! Jr. Team Hip Hop and Sr. Team Hip Hop!! 6:30 Jr. and Sr. Team will perform America Team routine.
Costume Check Lists!!!
***this means you will create your own or need to fill in a few pieces!
Jr. Team Costume Check Lists
Team routine - red, white and blue outfit
*** Jazz routine - Black dress and shrug from team routine and you will need two pairs of red tights - one will be cut up!!
*** Hip Hop - Create your own! BAGGY JEANS and neon colors on top!! Crazy tanks or t-shirts or hoodies - Kinda wanting the 80's look! It keeps the audience guessing! :)
Ballet - black dress that will be here soon!!
Sr. Team Costume Check List -
Team - red, white and blue - with yellow ribbon
Jazz - team routine
Hip Hop - Wear tank from team and add your new hip hop top and shorts
Ballet - add red skirt to team routine
Tiny Tots Costume Check List -
*** Hip Hop - Create your own monster costume
*** Tap - Wear cowgirl shirt and denim shorts or skirt and white tights
Ballet - New princess dress
Jazz - New disco outfit
Jr. and Sr. Teams need to wear tan or nude footless tights with ALL costumes!!!
Thanks for all you do!! You parents and KIDS are amazing!!